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Street Soccer Scotland


Street Soccer Scotland has started using Breathe HR software in their ​​new Change Centre Dundee facility to give sessional workers control over their rota. Users can indicate their availability, schedule themselves in, see how much they will get paid and swap shifts among themselves without permanent staff involvement. Previously sessional staff rotas relied on a permanent staff member creating a spreadsheet and sending a photo of the spreadsheet via WhatsApp to workers. Any swaps or adjustments had to be administered by the permanent staff member.

This recipe is contributed by Digital Lifelines Scotland – an initiative led by Scottish Government's Digital Health & Care Directorate with Connecting Scotland.

Recipe status

This recipe has been in use since January 2022.

We are not sharing this recipe as the perfect solution to a problem, but we believe Street Soccer Scotland’s learnings could be very useful to other organisations.

Users and needs served

  • As a user, I need to be able to control my working hours
  • As a manager, I need to be able to delegate tasks like rota swapping

Software and tools used

Breathe HR

Breathe HR provides simple- to-use-HR software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a focus on creating a people first culture. Street Soccer Scotland (SSS) used Breathe HR for its permanent staff already and recently decided to extend its use to sessional workers too.


Price packages start from £11/month per account. The SSS package is £17/month per account. You can get a quote here.


The software is very scalable – whether you have a rota with 2 or 100 people, once the rota has been confirmed each person will receive an email with their shifts. Cancelling, swapping, notification of scheduling and a one hour notice alert are all done easily through the app.

Sometimes it takes a little while to load (20 seconds or so). Workers can’t see who they are scheduled to work with, but an easy workaround is to put the names of everyone on the same shift into the notes feature available on the app.

Recipe steps

1. Create user accounts for sessional staff on Breathe HR

The pathway that Street Soccer Scotland uses is that players (service users) can start out as volunteers, and can then progress into being a sessional worker. Once they become a sessional worker, all of their details are registered onto the Breathe HR platform.

2. Train sessional staff

Start with a small group. Street Soccer Scotland shifted to this system by introducing it to 2-3 people at a time. The first people to receive the training were those who picked it up most easily (perhaps they had some familiarity with digital already), so that they could become helpers or champions and provide peer to peer support for the people being trained up after them. The users download a standalone app called Breathe People Portal onto their mobile device. Street Soccer Scotland sent the login details via email to Breathe HR, and the new users would be notified of sign up through the app.

3. Gather feedback

Make sure you address concerns from users by being open to feedback. Street Soccer Scotland made it easy for users to give direct feedback by keeping the WhatsApp group that was previously used for rota sharing open during initial rollout of the new system, and encouraging people to share what worked and what didn’t on there. This is how they discovered that the Breathe People Portal app did not show who else was scheduled to be on the shift with you. This was addressed by adding the names of everyone on the shift into the notes option on the app.


The best way to do this is to learn together as you progress. Street Soccer Scotland shared the app tutorial videos on their WhatsApp group prior to rollout, which meant that everyone was familiar with the new system by the time it came into use.


The biggest risk would be that no one turns up to their shift because they didn’t get a shift alert from the app. Street Soccer Scotland mitigated this by ensuring availability and shift awareness through the WhatsApp system they had in place previously, until the new way of working was firmly bedded in.

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Many thanks to Street Soccer Scotland for contributing this recipe.


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Recipe published on June 7th, 2022. Last updated June 8th, 2022